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Committed to Keeping Your Home Squeaky Clean

We believe that it is important to look after people, which is why we stand by our core principles. We have built long term relationships with our residential customers and locally owned small businesses based on our services. Tidy-Up Maid and Janitorial Services stands for far more than cleaning service, we are about developing relationships and partnerships with our customers and working with them to find solutions to their issues. We are committed to providing the highest level of quality in residential and commercial cleaning available by exceeding all expectations of our customers.


From the onset, we have developed ambitious objectives. The first is to exceed every customers expectation, to exceed customers’ expectations, guarantee reoccurring business and word of mouth referrals. The second objective is increasing our customer base by 30% a year, The third is to achieve cash sustainability by the end of our first year. The last objective is to have a 30% conversion rate of prospective customers into service customers.


We place value on the human aspect of our company, and we base our success on our ability to see our customers, not as numbers, prospects, or jobs, but as people.

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