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Cleaning Supplies

Pricing Plans

Exceptional Cleaning at a Reasonable Price

Cleaning has never been this streamlined. Kick Up your feet, relax, and Choose the service that brings balance into your home




We offer 5 different Cleaning Point Checklists for customers to choose there level of cleaning option. We recommend if you have never hired cleaning service company prior or have not had a deep cleaning in more than 2 weeks, we suggest to customers to choose more detailed cleaning. Deep cleanings should be done at least once a month
, this will help to prevent buildup and help keep your home looking brand new.

 Our “Tidy Guarantee” Policy

We will work through our checklist until all of the tasks are completed to our very high standard. This is a results-based service however we still follow guidelines for how long an appointment should take. We let our teams work harder and faster if they can. On the rare occasion that our estimates are incorrect, our policy comes into affect and we will clean for up to 1 hour longer. Please let us know beforehand if your home is extra dirty so that we can come prepared to your first appointment.

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